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Fashion Trends that every man should know

Fashion changes in a blink of an eye. Fashion designers bring their creativity into this world and change the trends. Sometimes designer converts an imagination, creative idea, unique description into a reality that catches the attention of everyone.

Generally, when people hear the word Fashion, they relate it to women. However, fashion belongs to everyone. Men, women, kids, and people from all walks of life. Fashion prevails everywhere, for everyone, despite the location, place, or time. Especially, the Men Fashion Industry is progressing very quickly and reaching new heights. 

5 Fashion Trends that every man should know & experiment within 2021

1. Dhoti Pants

You may be wondering dhotis are ancient. A piece of clothing that people used to wear years back. But you cannot be more wrong. Dhotis never really went out of fashion, instead this outfit evolved in so many stylish looks and grabbed people’s attention with some unique fusions. Additionally, dhotis have an innate quality of comfort and freshness associated with it. 

Dhoti Pants is one of the best outfits for men to wear in 2021. 

  • You can wear dhotis with a formal suit, this enhances the overall appearance, and it is a new “cool” these days. 
  • Dhoti with Denim Shirt
  • Dhoti with simple plain Kurta along with a Nehru Jacket
  • Dhoti with coat and shirt, so on.

Pairing your Dhoti appropriately can make a clear fashion statement. To do so, follow some of the tips by us.

2. Cuban Collar Shirts

Cuban Collar shirts are so comfortable yet trendy wear a man can have in his wardrobe. 

You can wear cuban collar shirts as formal wear along with a suit or they can also be worn as casuals. Overall, this beautiful shirt gives an eye-catching overall appearance. 

It can be worn as:

  • Cuban Collar shirt with a formal suit
  • Casual party wear look
  • With Blue denim, these shirts look super amazing
  • One can pair them with shorts as well

They are available in trendy floral patterns. Floral pattern Cuban shirt with white pants or shorts is one of the most preferred vacation looks.

3. Chinos

Are you tired of wearing those old tight jeans? Are you looking for something new? If yes, Chinos is the best thing to add to your fashion list right now. 

Chinos are trousers that are neither formal nor informal. Chinos are the definition of comfortable fashion, and versatile men wear. They are lightweight and can be worn on almost every occasion in any season. 

Varieties of colors are available. If you do not own a single piece of chinos, you can buy basic colors like black & blue, which will go with every attire.

Note: Mustard Shirt with white chinos, Royal Blue Shirt with Grey Chinos goes pretty well. 

4. Oversized T-shirts with Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts (1 inch above the knees). These shorts are most trending in 2021. Firstly, because it is comfortable to wear ( will be a fashionable choice to wear at work from home calls) and it is best pick for summers. You can wear them on vacations, be it a beach vacation or the mountains. For a house party or a walk, it is a good-to-go outfit. Oversized t-shirts with floral design or some funny graphics look perfect with these shorts.

5. Chinese Collars Shirts/Kurta

The Chinese collar shirts/kurta is more popular in the 2021 fashion list because of their unique, classic look. Chinese Collars are the ones that aren’t folded from the neckline, that’s why it is also called a stand-up collar.

There are a huge variety of designs available in these trendy Chinese collars.

  • Chinese collar formal shirt: This is good to wear in the office or at a casual meet-up. For those who prefer to add simple, comfortable fashion trends to their wardrobe, then this is something you cannot miss out on at any cost.
  • Chinese Collar kurtas: Kurtas are something that everyone wears on every occasion, a marriage function, puja, or any festival, then adding some fashionable touch to it is a great thing you can do. These Kurtas are most in trend because of the neck design i.e. side collar buttons which adds elegance to the overall kurta.

The above-mentioned are few new fashion trends that men should consider adding to their wardrobe in 2021.

6. Experiments with classic looks that never go out of style:

  • Black attire with Scarf or Stole: Try wearing a full black ethnic attire and style it with a printed stole or a scarf to look more classic and unique.
  • Prefer to wear “Light with Bright” simply means light color clothes with brighter ones this adds more attractiveness to the look.

Final Thoughts:

Fashion trends are evolving within a blink of an eye. You can’t build a trendy and quality wardrobe collection following high fashion trends. Try not to think much about fast fashion. Instead, evolve with slow fashionable trends which will make you look more stylish and make you feel comfortable in a long run.

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