top clothing brands in India

Fashion has advanced considerably. Trends have alternately transformed in India. Anyone may simply buy garments while sitting at home. Thanks to the development of technologies such as the internet. Elevated yet reasonably priced fashion brands are offered both online and offline by several Indian textile manufacturers. 

Outfits are now more than just clothes. They are a social statement made by both men and women. The top clothing brands in India, are crucial since how we dress says a lot about who we are and how we think.

Here goes the list of the top & best clothing brands in India –

1. Aly&Val

top clothing brands in India

Aly&Val is your last destination if you’re seeking a casual and comfortable selection for everyday wear. Aly&Val is an Indian casual clothing brand that was founded in 2019. The company deliberately works to attract customers from all geographic areas to a single fashion and style website to spot the current trend. They provide a variety of apparel, from stylish t-shirts to current suits.

For both men and women, they feature the most stylish assortment of western attire. Having begun with a brilliantly designed T-shirt and moving on to recently made sophisticated clothing by fashionistas. Their products, which are manufactured with unmatched quality and exquisite designs, include men’s printed T-shirts with the crew, women’s crops, round necklines, and polo necks with pockets. 

Their product is more appealing than others because of its comfort, style, and worth its price range. All age categories, but particularly younger generations, adore the brand and make it to the top clothing brands in India.

2. Allen Solly

The Aditya Birla Group, which was founded by Madura Lifestyle & Fashion, introduced Allen Solly 

to the Indian market around 1993. For its cosy and casual attire, The Allen Solly is regarded as one of the top clothing brands in India. In India, there are 490 or more department shops.

Both men’s and women’s formal clothing is offered in a substantial section by them. For men, women, and children, Allen Solly has launched a variety of items, including apparel, outerwear, cardigans, leggings, jeans, skirts, stockings, and tees.

Allen Solly is well-recognized for its relaxed denim, fashionable t-shirts, chambray shirts, and pants.

3. Adidas

One of the biggest sportswear companies and top clothing brands in India worldwide, Adidas is known for its athletic apparel. Adolf Dassler created the company in 1949. Adidas offers a huge selection of apparel and footwear that everyone desires to wear. 

Their clothing may have historically been centered on sporting, but they have expanded to emerge as a trusted brand.

4. Mufti

Kamal Khuslani started Mufti in the year 1998. Mumbai, India’s fashion capital, is where this company is based. This business offers outstanding quality and elegance to its customers. 

This business carries all the latest apparel trends for all age categories, from t-shirts to coats. Its t-shirt is of excellent and robust quality and is among the top clothing brands in India indeed.

5. Pepe jeans

Pepe Jeans is a global brand that was founded in London in 1973, has its headquarters in Spain, and entered the Indian market around 1989. All kinds of individuals prefer Pepe Jeans. They provide a variety of products, such as shirts, pants, jackets, t-shirts, and more.

This company is renowned worldwide for its casual attire and unique denim, making it the all-time favourite choice of young people and among the top clothing brands in India.

6. Nike

Because of Nike’s clever branding strategies, they dominate the sports equipment sector, making it the greatest spot for athletes to complete their online clothing shopping. Many collegiates and professional sports teams spend a lot of money on Nike’s crucial clothes and gear. 

The company’s branding, however, is where it excels most. When it comes to branding, Nike is unrivaled. I assume that most of you already own at least one Nike item. If there is someone out there who has never heard of Nike, I would be astonished because it is one of the top clothing brands in India.

7. Louis Philippe

The Aditya Birla Group launched Louis Phillippe, a fashionable apparel line, in 1989. It now is one of the top clothing brands in India, having more than 2700 locations both domestically and abroad. Louis stands at the peak of elegance, offering incredible designs and premium fabrics in a selection of menswear, both traditional and modern.

8. Bewakoof

The fashion portal of Bewakoof encourages being stylishly ridiculous whereas the majority of them talk about being sleek and sophisticated. The e-commerce company for clothes that stands out from the competition is Bewakoof. 

It provides a cutting-edge line of clothing with vibrant, eye-catching patterns that appeal to millennials. They have a speciality of customised designs, fittings and fabrics. And what you must choose it for is the quality of one of these top clothing brands in India.

9. Levi’s

In India, Levis is a very well-known clothing brand. It was established in 1853, is owned by Levi Strauss and Co., and is currently referred to as the Levis Brand.

It is a fashion manufacturer based in America. Worldwide, Levis offers their goods in even more than 100 nations. In 200+ towns and cities throughout the world, it operates more than 400 shops.

One of the top clothing brands in India today, Levis launched their brand in India in 1995. The Levis offers a variety of hoodies, T-shirts, pants, denim, trousers, jackets, coats, sweaters, undergarments, socks, and fittings for people of all ages and genders.

10. Flying Machine

In India, Flying Machine first debuted in 1980. They are among India’s most popular clothing brands.

Flying Machine is a well-known apparel company and one of the top clothing brands in India in India for its distinctive line of cosy casual clothing which can be worn for regular work attire or even on special occasions, particularly denim.

Clothing for men and women may be found in a wide variety at Flying Machine. For any occasion, they provide a large selection of items, comprising denim, jackets, scarves, shorts, t-shirts, sweaters, and pants.


You can use the list above as a reference to determine which clothing firms are the top clothing brands in India. Therefore, it is obvious that there are many fantastic options to pick from whether buying online or visiting stores in India, regardless of whether you want designer clothes, off-the-rack t-shirts or any apparel in any category.

It’s crucial to avoid overspending on designer goods just because they are more costly than their rivals in the market, even if the cost shouldn’t be the primary consideration when deciding what to wear.

How you feel when you put on the clothes is more important than what you wear or how you wear it according to your style. So without any wait go shopping whatever you feel the best.

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