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Aly&Val is an Indian e-commerce brand for fashion, est. in the year 2019. Founded by Sakshat Kohli (CEO) and team. The brand is self-designed by talented fashion designers. Aly&val doesn’t promote other brands. Alyandval aims to provide a hassle-free and enjoyable shopping experience to shoppers across the country. The Brand makes a conscious effort to bring shoppers from different regions to a single platform of fashion and styling for acknowledging the latest trend in the country.

Who are we ?

Aly&val offers shoppers to combine the right amount of style with comfort with minimal expense. We work together with a team of fashion designers from the country. They make every design possible in our retail and e-commerce section. The materials are handpicked and the quality of the cloth is checked prior in all age groups of people for anybody sensitivity. This is the core of our motive, we offer a quality that is very highly distinguished from any other brand.

Our collection

Aly&val is here to redefine the fashion statement, whether you are a classy working professional, an aspirational go-getter, or an introvert, we will style you for every season and every occasion from head to toe like a stunner.

We take pride in offering the most stylish range of western wear both for men and women. Our trends can seal the show starting with a gorgeous printed T-shirt to classy wears freshly designed by our Fashion Designers.

Our products ranging from men’s printed T-shirts with a round neck to polo neck with pockets are crafted with unmatched quality, stunning patterns. We focus on details, hence we bring similar and stylish women’s wear for the summer and winter collection.

With one of the trendiest and most unique styles, alyandval invite you to try on their supper cool and classy collections where one can be a stylish icon for oneself.

Haters Gonna Hate, but We WoN’t Blend

No more to ‘my body won’t suit too bold colors’, no more to ‘act as you age’ because we bring you fun collars to play and give all the reasons to your haters to talk about you all day. Wear what you please with Alyandval’s new trendy catchy t-shirts and trousers. Pair them with your favorite jackets and shrugs, go out when you want. With great style comes a great personality.

Why let the world decide what you want to wear? Why affect yourself with their expression. Get yourself Alyandval trendy wear. Upload a picture or a video with your new Alyandval Tops, t-shirts, dresses, or stylish bottom wears. Wear them in style from a formal event to a dinner party and we assure you that you will change other’s minds too.

Our vision

Aly&Val’s vision on providing a fixed service with similar goals from the start. In the future, the brand believes similar high-quality fashion wears to be one of the most known brands in the country.

Aly&Val only focuses on comfortable and stylish wear that enhances the personality of the shoppers.

Why We?

40,000+ Happy Customer

So far, we have served more than 40,000 customers on Amazon and Flipkart. We look forward to making people happier around us with our trends. Hence we would not compromise on the quality of our products.

Assured Quality

We handpick all the materials and process them in the making. We offer high quality of clothes for our customers and assure you of our good conduct. In return, we hope for your positive feedback.

Customer Support

We assure our customer support team will solve your query asap, we are available on all working days from 10 am-6 pm. If you prefer writing to us, we will get back to you within 24 hours. For more queries, then go through the Faqs, to know more about us.

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