men’s clothing brands in India

Are you trying to find the top men’s clothing brands in India?

Men don’t shop very often, but when they do, it’s crucial to have a strategy and know which menswear designers produce items that would look well on you.

Many amazing fashion brands produce great looks for men when it comes to apparel. For guys who are interested in fashion, men’s clothing retailers provide a large selection of elegant, trendy shirts, jeans, suits, and accessories.

Big clothing line brands are frequently well-known for a valid reason, and trendy fashion markers are fully tuned in with what is and are not in terms of style. 

Here is the list of top men’s clothing brands in India 

1. Aly&Val

If you are looking for casual, comfortable fashion and style for men, Aly&Val is the last stop for you.

An Indian casual stylist business named Aly&Val was founded in 2019. The company deliberately aims to attract customers from all over India to a single fashion and style website to spot the newest trends. From trendy t-shirts to cutting-edge suits, they provide a variety of clothes.

For men, the most stylish assortment of western apparel is offered there. Men’s printed T-shirts with the crew, round necklines, and polo necks with pockets are just a few of their superbly manufactured and unrivalled quality goods. It all starts with a T-shirt with a gorgeous design and moves on to newly developed, trendy gear by fashionistas.

This product is more appealing than alternatives due to its comfort, elegance, and value. Particularly among younger generations and men’s wear, the brand ranks among the top men’s clothing brands in India across all age groups.

2. Allen Solly

The next company on our list of the most successful men’s clothing brands in India in 2022 is Allen Solly. The company caters to the fashion-conscious urban male market of India with a wide range of product lines for men.

Again, unlike what many people think, Allen Solly was not founded in India. William Hollin & Co. developed it in 1744, and in 1993 Madura Fashion & Lifestyle A Division of Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited introduced it to India.

3. Arrow

The Arvind Group owns the brand Arrow, which is made in India. Since its 1993 introduction in India, Arrow has become the preferred men’s clothing brand in India for shirts for formal occasions. To reach the target generation and casual shirts, respectively, Arrow launched Arrow New York and Arrow Sport. 

You can simply get shirts from this well-known brand on its official website and various shopping sites.

4. Louis Phillippe

Contrary to common assumption, Madura Fashion & Lifestyle, a division of the Aditya Birla Group, which owns Louis Philippe, is an Indian company, not an international one. It is uncommon to go into a mall and not see these top men’s clothing brands in India.

In India, whether for everyday business attire or special events, it is the go-to brand. There is a huge selection of clothing and accessories there that are made specifically for Indian males. It is without a doubt one of the top men’s apparel brands in India for 2022 because of its high product excellence and brand image.

5. Raymond

We have indeed grown up with the television commercial for “Ramond – The Complete Man.” They certainly live up to their status as the most favoured men’s clothing brands in India.

What began in 1925 as a fabric business has grown into a multi-crore rupee brand that manufactures some of India’s top-quality textiles for men’s apparel. One of the top menswear brands in India for 2022, Raymond offers a wide variety of ready-to-wear alternatives as well.

6. Wrangler

Since its founding in 1904, Wrangler has produced jeans and other apparel in the United States. Kantoor Brand Inc., which also owns Lee, is the brand’s owner. With its sturdy, comfortable denim, the company has changed the face of western fashion. In addition to that, Wrangler also offers hats, belts, and soaks as accessories. 

One of the top men’s clothing brands in India has been produced by this company. It’s remarkable how popular this brand is with working adults and teenagers in India. In each Indian man’s closet, you can also find a pair of pants and a denim shirt. The company sells premium apparel for a reasonable price.

7. Zodiac

Zodiac, one of India’s most prestigious men’s clothing brands in India, was started by Mr M.Y. Noorani in the late 1950s. Their high-end items are made from the best materials and textiles, including mother-of-pearl for fasteners and Egyptian cotton and Indian silk for the fabric.

One of their strong design is the unseen 21 stitching per inch that are used in their shirts. Its superior craftsmanship sets it apart from generic ones the instant you put your hands on a pair of shirts or pants. As a result, Zodiac is among the top menswear manufacturers in India for 2022.

8. Van Heusen

Van Heusen is among the first names in men’s clothing brands in India that come to mind when discussing the top menswear manufacturers in India. Van Heusen is a brand that is a member of the Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation, one of the largest fashion corporations in the world, even though many individuals mistakenly think it is an Indian company (PVH).

This 1881-founded firm produces some of the best men’s clothing, and in India, its name is associated with premium men’s clothing, whether it be for informal or formal occasions. When it comes to significant life occasions like weddings, key meetings, and conferences, most men choose to wear Van Heusen suits and formals.

9. Peter England

Peter England, a company founded in Londonderry in 1889, used to supply British soldiers with Khaki pants during the Boer War. In 1997, it entered the Indian menswear industry, and the Aditya Birla Group eventually bought it out in 2000.

The company is positioned as an economical men’s clothing brand that offers high-quality men’s clothes in a variety of product lines thanks to outstanding branding and marketing. For seven years in a row, the brand was among the top men’s clothing brands in India.

They have more than 400 retail locations and are accessible online in India on several shopping portals.

10. Levi’s

Levi’s is a renowned pioneer in the jeans business and a famous brand that represents strength and independence. It has earned a spot on our list of the most popular men’s clothing brands in India in 2022 because its goods are of the highest quality and represent the finest value for money when shopping for apparel from an international brand.

This company offers a wide range of goods, including jeans, t-shirts, undergarments, and shoes. They have the greatest material quality in the market and are very durable. Undoubtedly one of the top menswear brands in India for 2022, Levi’s has a large range of items to offer in addition to having a strong brand value.


The Top 10 Greatest men’s clothing brands in India are listed here, which you may wear this season to leave a lasting impression. After reading this list, we hope you will be better equipped to decide whether to purchase your favorite clothes from these outstanding companies that have established themselves as leaders in Indian menswear.

Men’s fashion is always changing, so it’s important to be informed about the newest styles and top-selling brands to stay on-trend. 

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